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we have years of experiences creating working prototypes. There is no project too small or big that we can’t handle. We will provide a functional prototype to have ready for production evaluation. Our Company has the Latest 3D printing technology to provide a autocad design and a finished product before production phase. This gives you the advantage of seeing your finished product to see if it meets all your needs before the expense of production tooling and Product molds.


Intellectual Property

If you want your ideas protected we can help in assisting you get all the protection you need. From Patents to patent pending, trademark, And copyright. We can produce or help assist and make sure you have what you need for no one to steel your idea.


App Development

App Development:  Mobile applications is the new way of connectivity to the world. We specialize in developing and organizing an interactive storyboard to send to app developers to create it. We also have app developer’s n standby who can create anything that your mind creates.


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