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We are a team of seasoned engineers who help bring inspiring creativity into reality. We have helped develop many prototypes for many clients. Our knowledge and years of experience can help out in any and all stages of product development. We can also help in assisting in raising money for your invention. We are the one stop shop for all innovators. 




The following are some of our more prominent inventions; All of the inventions have been successfully accepted and widely deployed throughout the World and in the Billion Dollar Cellular GPS Telematics, Cellular Security, Medical and Consumer Markets.


  • GPS tracking systems

  • GPS in vehicle navigation systems.

  • GPS geofencing technologies used in all cellular phones and tracking systems, all government and military vehicles , Homeland, first responders vehicles, OnStar, Lojack, all commercial trucking tracking systems, municipalities transit systems, push adds, arrival and departure of assets. 

  • Geofencing Tracking of Military Deployment.

  • GPS video tracking used in bait cars by police.

  • Wireless medical sensor that monitors vital signs and sends reports to medical community via cellular transmission.

  • Bluetooth cellular medical sensors, medical and telematics tracking (MTT).

  • Locking and unlocking vehicle door remotely via cellular transmission. 

  • Nuclear bomb and nuclear material detector for cargo containers.

  • CarFax

  • GPS geographical elevation monitors (GEM).

  • Anti-counterfeiting detector for PC software and copy machines used today in most copy machines.  

  • Geofencing Technology, GPS Perimeter Alarm Notification

  • Transplant Organ GPS Monitor and Notification Modular, provides transplant team to know exact arrival time of transplant organ, in order to begin removal of recipients organ.

  • Cardiac Pacemaker Induction Charger.

  • Remote wireless cellular heart monitors. 

  • Train Proximity Alert.




Current Inventions: 


  • Self-Sanitizing can opener – sterilizes itself every time it’s used.

  • Purifying Water Pitcher- Sterilizes water.

  • Self- Sanitizing Ozonized Water Pik & Sonic Toothbrush – Cleans and whitens teeth with just tap water.

  • Ultraviolet Light Sterilizing Robot with Fail Safe Automatic Perimeter Motion Shutdown and Remote Monitoring.  

  • Home Sanitizer cleans and kills germs in the home without chemicals.

  • Swimmers Life Saving Belt.

  • Object Sterilizer

  • Smart Bottled Water Cap.

  • Produce Sanitizer, removes from produce, pesticides, hormones, poisons, E.coli, dirt, residue etc.



Cellular Electronic Products


  • I Ring Cellular Phone Ring 

  • GPS and Cellular Smart Watch

  • Cellular Phone Sterilizer

  • Cellular phone Water Purifier

  • GPS Pet Tracker

  • Cellphone Panic Button.

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