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Intelectual Property

If you want your ideas protected we can help in assisting you get all the protection you need. From Patents to patent pending, trademark, And copyright. We can produce or help assist and make sure you have what you need for no one to steel your idea.


You do not need a patent to develop a product, but if you intend to mass produce your product you should have Patent Protection to protect a competitor from copying your product idea.  The least expensive patent protection and one that will allow you to market your products as “Patent Pending” would be a Provisional Patent Application (PPA); we recommend that our clients file for a PPA.  Provisional Patent filing is the best and quickest way to protect your idea and allows you to disclose to the Public or Investors your idea.  It also provides an official early filing date.


Patent Search and Analysis

There are over 8 million Patents in the US Patent Office; before applying for a patent we suggest doing a Patent Search (Prior art search), we will search the United States Patent Office for any products similar to your idea, and if there is a similar patent, we will design your products so that it’s different from your competitors, and guarantee that your patent application will be approved; we will also provide you with a copy of any patents that might be similar to yours, including their file wrap (Patent History); our engineering team understand which patents design pose a threat to your patent, and will work around them.


Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

We suggest to our clients, that everyone they disclose their product idea to, should sign an NDA, including us.  An NDA binds companies and other individuals from disclosing your idea or copying it; should you wish we can provide you with a custom NDA that will protect your idea.



The Trademark symbol is used whenever you wish to claim a trademark, you do not need to file any paperwork to receive permission to use the TM symbol.  It puts your competition on notice that your business considers a mark to be your trademark.  An R symbol may only be used after the US Government grants a Federal Registration Certificate.


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